How It's Made

NaturPet products provide safe, effective, active and preventative treatment NaturPet was first introduced in 1996 in response to requests from veterinarians seeking natural alternatives to modern, conventional medicines. Researched and developed by Natures Formulae Health Products through consultations between our herbal experts, research scientist and veterinarians, NaturPet products provide safe and natural remedies for your pets. Today, awareness of the benefits of using 100% natural products for animal care is growing globally and NaturPet is pleased to be on the leading edge. We believe your pets deserve the best of products for the best of health!

Quality Herbs

Our herbs are sourced both locally and from around the world with attention given to the environmental conditions and agricultural procedures used by growers. Certificates of authenticity are monitored for our herbs and certified organic ingredients used must meet Canadian certified organic standards. Plant source materials may include fresh or dried seeds, leaves, flowers, buds, roots, aerial parts, and resins depending on the medicinal property being used in a formulation- our labels will inform you fully of the plant part being used. Our quality control department carefully inspects every shipment of herbs upon arrival. In some cases, thin layer chromatography is used to ensure authenticity and quality of the herbs.

The Extraction Process

Active ingredients in the ground material are immersed in a menstruum. Depending on the product being made the menstruum is generally made up of two of the following three solvents: water, alcohol and glycerine. Our wonderful local purified Okanagan water is used to draw out the water soluble active ingredients. Water is generally used in combination with alcohol or glycerine. Locally produced, high quality grain alcohol (ethanol) draws out additional active ingredients including fats, resins, waxes, alkaloids and some volatile oils. Finally, Kosher vegetable-based glycerine works to draw out fats,resins and waxes. You will see that most of our products use grain alcohol as a solvent; this is because alcohol is considered the most effective solvent for drawing out active ingredients. There is no need to worry about the use of alcohol; the amount present in each dose is very minimal and it is actually a beneficial component of the remedy. Alcohol provides the most effective means of delivering fast results as it maintains the bioactivity of the ingredient for longer after ingestion allowing your pet to better absorb the active components. Finally, alcohol is a wonderful natural preservative important in maintaining the integrity of the active ingredients over the product’s shelf life. NaturPet products are filtered using gravity rather than a membrane to ensure the fullest retention of active ingredients. A small amount of sediment in a product is completely normal and a natural part of the product - simply shake before use.

Formulations that Meet your Pet’s Needs

NaturPet remedies come in a variety of forms with each process chosen to ensure the maximum effectiveness of active ingredients in the remedy. Most are made from a blend of herbs with each ingredient chosen for its ability to synergistically support, balance and/or reinforce the properties of other ingredients.


A unique double extraction process is used which provides a fuller spectrum of extracted phytonutrients. This form of liquid extract does not require refrigeration having an alcohol content between 25-30%


These remedies are made with a cold extraction process and have alcohol content between 45-50%. They have a long shelf life and do not need to be refrigerated after opening.


This refers to liquid herbal remedies that are made using a special low heat saturation process. Our extracts are low in alcohol (6%) and must be refrigerated after opening.


These are made by infusing herbal tinctures and extracts in a base of emollients that help the active ingredients be absorbed topically through the skin.

Glycerine Extracts

These extracts are also made using a special low heat saturation process but kosher vegetable glycerine is used instead of alcohol. They are alcohol-free and must be refrigerated after opening.

Herbal Remedies for Pets Approved by Vets!