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Presenting NaturPet and Arrowleaf Pet Wellness Products!
Discover the perfect blend of quality and care under two trusted identities—NaturPet in Canada and Arrowleaf Pet in the United States. Our commitment to your pet's well-being remains unwavering, ensuring that furry companions across North America receive the same exceptional products adorned with either the NaturPet or Arrowleaf Pet logo.
Embrace the reassurance that whether your product contains the NaturPet or Arrowleaf Pet logo, each product is crafted with the same dedication to excellence, offering your pets the care they deserve. Join us on this transcontinental journey of pet health and happiness, where the only difference is the name on the label—always delivering the same great products your pets adore.
3 Product Categories For Your Pets Health!

Veterinarian Approved Natural Herbal Pet Remedies


NaturPet is a line of all-natural herbal remedies. Each product in the line is a non-drug, non-pharmaceutical alternative for pet owners who are looking for natural alternatives. We use herbs to strengthen and prime the body.

We formulate all-natural herbal remedies for topical issues like wounds, insect stings, dry skin, and hot spots. Each topical product that we make also contains herbal remedies helping the body heal faster, soothe inflammation, or moisturize dry skin.

Whether you have an older pet who needs some support, a younger pet in need of anxiety relief, or just want to provide your pet with the best possible life, NaturPet has a product formulated with your pets in mind. After all, your pets deserve the best health so that they can enjoy a long and healthy life with their favourite people.

Veterinarian Approved

NaturPet natural herbal remedies were developed by Master Herbalists working in conjunction with Veterinarians to provide a natural alternative for your pet's well-being.


All of our NaturPet natural herbal remedies are manufactured under GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) standards required for human products. We know our pets deserve nothing but the best when it comes to quality!

100% all natural

NaturPet products are natural herbal remedies made from pure, natural herbs, carefully sourced and formulated as a liquid for rapid absorption and fast, effective results.

Customer Reviews

[NaturPet Skin Aid Spray for Cats and Dogs] My male cat recently had a hotspot sore on his back leg (a dry food allergy from what I found) and one or 2 sprays of this and it's looking better already after a day. It works really good.

[NaturPet Lung Care for Cats & Dogs] Worked really well for us! My puppy has warts around her mouth which we learned is the result of puppies having weaker immune systems. A couple of weeks of using this product and they were all gone. Very impressed with the effect this product had on boosting her immune system!!

[NaturPet Ear Drops for Dogs & Cats] Amazing!! Our dog had been shaking her head for about 2 weeks, & i didn't know what was going on, since she doesn't have fleas. I googled it, & it listed a few things-mites, yeast, etc. i got these drops after reading reviews, & most were favorable. On the 2nd day, she was no longer shaking her head! i cant believe how well these worked! saved me money & a trip to the vet. glad i tried these first


Manda Midnight

Holly Berry

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